June 09, 2016

IAB FYI SERIES #4: Breaking down the Silos – Unleashing the Power of Data

Why Attend: 

Taking on the challenge of unlocking one of the key drivers to today’s marketing success, our IAB SG Measurement and Standards Committee launched an initiative to search for answers to our tech age problem of data resource management for marketing and sales effectiveness.

We gathered a team of APAC’s top digital minds comprising more than a dozen CEOS, VPs, and HODs from Hewlett Packard, comScore, MEC, Yahoo, Kantar, YouGov, Eyeota, Tealium Xaxis, Ipsos, Keboola and SapientNitro to investigate why companies are not harnessing the power of data, why they remain stuck in traditional organisational structures and why breaking down silos within the digital industry and unleashing the power of data in the region is critical for success.

The committee specifically explored two domains - primary research and platform analytics. These have evolved immensely in recent years and unleashing them from their silos to inform business decisions is proving critical for success in today’s fast moving world. Many businesses fail to democratise their data or educate their teams outside of the research and analytics domains on how to derive insight.

Join our Measurement & Standards Committee and the study participants as we take you through the key findings and take aways to help you break out of your comfort zone and rethink the way in which you collect, store, manage share and communicate data.

We will also be holding discussion groups on two new initiatives to help grow the industry focused on Talent Standards and the Data Taxonomy – this is your chance to have your say.

Event Details:
Date: Thursday, 23rd June 2016
Time:  3 pm - 5 pm
Venue: LinkedIn, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 2, Level 30

Registration starts at 2.30pm

Welcome and Introductions

3:00pm – Miranda Dimopoulos, Chief Executive Officer, IAB Singapore

Breaking down the Silos – Unleashing the Power of Data

Session to explore the five key findings of the Whitepaper, including Q&A

3:10pm -  Panel Sessions


  • Kerry Brown, VP SEA, comScore Inc 
  • Steve Tracy, Data & Insights Lead, SapientNitro


  • Tobias Wilson, CEO APD & Chairman Leadership Council, IAB
  • Arnaud Frade,  CEO APAC, Ipsos Interactive
  • Damien Crittenden, Director Analytics & Insights, Xaxis
  • Emily Ketchen, VP Marketing, Hewlett Packard

Digital Talent and Data Taxonomy: New initiatives

Roundtable discussions within breakout groups to discuss implications and next steps coming out of the WhitePaper

4.10pm - Breakout Groups

Wrap Up

4.50pm - Summary by Co-Chairs of Measurement & Standards Committee

  • Suzanne Claassen, APAC Business Development, Google 
  • Peter Hubert, Head of Insights, LinkedIn 

5:00pm : End

To register yourself for the event, please click here. 

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