May 20, 2016

IAB Training Series #7 - Successful Programmatic Marketing

(Go beyond the jargon, understand your own Ad Tech needs and guide your key Stakeholders towards the right investment decisions)


Why Attend

You are no stranger to these acronyms: DMP, DSP, SSP, DCO, SEO, SEM …. but you want to understand more clearly how they work together to help you maximise your marketing and sales efforts. And learn a hands-on approach to your own ad tech needs.

You want to hear from those who have taken the automated ad buying and selling journey and find out how they steered through the digital fog and created blueprints suited to their needs.

Before worrying about ROI of your plans, understand your Ad Tech needs. They now form the cornerstone of any modern marketing requirements.  

This is your chance to join the best in the industry in a small and personal environment and engage in our interactive session - and as an IAB Training Series, you can guarantee this will be all quality, no sales pitches!

What You Will Learn

We will kick off the session with reflecting on the foundations of the ecosystem and its landscape. We will then outline the options open to brands, with a perspective from one brand owner’s experience. This will be followed by a walk through the programmatic journey through the publishers’ lens and what it takes to succeed in this space, rounding the stimulus presentations with a new on the hot issues of 2016.

We will then break out into interactive working groups with experts from our Marketing & Ad Tech Committee who can help you with any questions and provide advice on how you too can evolve your business to be more effective in today’s tech-necessary marketing environment.

Registration starts at 12.30pm

Welcome and Introductions

01:00pm – James Sampson, VP & General Manager APAC, DataXu & IAB Co-Chair Marketing Ad Tech Committee

Reflecting on the ABCs of Programmatic

01:10pm – Speaker: Gregory Pichot, Director of Client Advisory, AppNexus

Local Programmatic Landscape Explained

01:30pm - Speaker: Evgeny Popov, Director of Data Solutions APAC, Lotame & IAB Co-Chair, Marketing Ad Tech Committee

What are the options for a Brand? Go for it alone or partner for success?

02:00pm - Speaker: Carl Nawagamuwa, Vice President SEA, Amobee

Fireside Chat with Travis Teo, Director Integrated Media, SAP

20 Minutes - Networking Break

02:40pm - Networking Break

What are the options for a Publisher? (…. it’s not just about the Technology)

03:00pm - Speaker: Jason Barnes, Vice President APAC, PubMatic

Fireside Chat with Tan Su-Lin, Deputy Head Digital Division, SPH & Deputy Chairman, IAB Leadership Council

Hot Topics: A dialogue on Viewability, Fraud & Ad Blocking

03:40pm -  Speaker: Joe Nguyen, IAB Leadership Council & Senior Vice President, comScore & Benjamin Yeow, Digital Operations Director Asia, SMV

Break out Sessions (40 minutes)

04:00pm -  Join our IAB Marketing & Ad Tech Committee experts in their specialised areas as they are all your questions advise how you can evolve your business to desired results

Summary of Break out Session & Closing Remarks

04:45pm -  Key takeaways from each roundtable session & Closing by James Sampson

Post Event Networking Session

05:00pm -  Hosted by IAB Marketing & Ad Tech Committee

Event Details:
Date: Thursday, 26th May 2016
Time: 1 pm - 5 pm
Venue: LinkedIn, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 2, Level 30

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