May 02, 2016

IAB FYI Series #3: Ad Blocking & Ad Fraud - Much ado about Nothing? Or an Industry Melt-down?

Why Attend: 

As always, the answer is somewhere in between. Get insights and unique perspectives from industry veterans on these topical issues.

Much has been featured and reported in the news about the terrible twins, Ad Blocking and Ad Fraud and their impact on the Digital Advertising Space. Are they a necessary evil, reflective of any new industry, a natural evolution until the industry grows up? Or should they be nipped in the bud before it is too late? Instead of just fretting over it, why not find out for yourself what the implications are and learn strategies on how to deal with the growing problem. Better yet, get insights on how to turn it into an opportunity for your business.

This is your chance to join the best in the industry in a small and personal environment and engage in our interactive session - and as an IAB Training Series, you can guarantee this will be all quality, no sales pitches!


Registration starts at 2.30pm

Welcome and Introductions

03:00pm – Miranda Dimopoulos, Chief Executive Officer (IAB Singapore)

Ad Blocking

  • Hype of Impending Doom for the Ad Industry?

03:05pm – Speaker: Shane Mitchell, Chief Digital Officer, Mediacorp

  • What would Internet be Like Without Ads?

03:25pm - Speaker: Matt Sutton, Chief Executive Officer, Adknowledge Asia Pacific

Q&A Session

03:45pm - Moderator: Joe Nguyen, IAB Leadership Council Member & Senior Vice President, comScore

Ad Fraud

  • What is it really and How Big of a Problem is this in SEA?

03:50pm - Speakers: Grace Liau, General Manager APAC, Vivaki

  • What can be done and How do we, as an industry, deal with it?

04:10pm - Speaker: Krishnan Patel, VP of Business Development, Asia Pacific , Amobee

Expert Panel with all Speakers (Q&A)

04:30pm -  Moderator: Joe Nguyen, IAB Leadership Council & Senior Vice President, comScore

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