September 07, 2015

IAB Training Series #4 - How Innovation and Creative Video Content Combines to Offer the Ultimate Brand Impact

Why Attend: 

Digital Video is about so much more than a quick thirty second advert running ahead of a video clip that you want to see. The combination of sound and visual creatives combine to offer incredibly high impact, emotional experiences for the user. The potential for developing highly intelligent and emotional adverts, perhaps witha focus on interactivity and strongly personalized content, video advertising reaches users on a unique and deeply personal level. This training session offers deeper insight into how you can make these messages the best and most powerful branding tool in your advertising tool kit. From catching the right user, at the right time, and on the right device, to understanding the tech behind the set up and how best to measure the impact of campaigns, this training sessions will provide a full video 101 for brands, advertisers and publishers alike. This is your chance to join the best in the industry in a small and personal environment and engage in our interactive session - and as an IAB Training Series you can guarantee this will be all quality, no sales pitches!

What You Will Learn:

Understand how brands are approaching the digital video market, from their video strategy to the tech and tools they use to execute these deals regionally and globally. Learn how the impact of innovation and interactivity in video adverts and the impact of this on branding efforts. You will also hear the truth behind digital video measurement and the myths that have layers confusion over some of the core metrics. And with cross-screen video delivery, can it really work? If so, how?

We will also share if desktop is really dead especially with the rise of mobile, or will the two combine and emerge stronger than ever thanks to developing cross screen solutions.  Finally, we will wrap up the day with a panel of experts for a discussion on the Impact of Technology on Intelligent Video Buying.

Date: Thursday, 15 October 2015
Time: 1:00pm - 5:00pm (Registration starts at 12.30pm)
Venue: Google Singapore, 8 Marina View, #30-01, Asia Square 1 Singapore (018960)

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