July 20, 2015

IAB FYI Series #1: How data driven strategies and activation can improve the brand experience (SG50)?

We will be hosting our first IAB FYI session on the 3rd August. These are short 2 hour sessions that focus on a single topic to give you deeper insights faster!

With SG50 in a couple of weeks and an expected 3 million tourists to be joining us in the celebrations we thought this was a perfect opportunity to have a look at how our industry is aligning digital marketing with this momentous occasion by looking at the following:

  • How we are aligning SG50 digital marketing with interests and trends in real time
  • Using digital content and data to provide us with the ability to better understand when to engage our national and international SG50 audience
  • Where and how to deliver content
  • Being able to monitor and gather data on content consumption
  • Providing brands with the opportunity for genuine engagement for SG50

Join us and our experts as they share insights, tips, tricks and secrets on how they’re making the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Speakers to include:

  • Google: Top search trends and stats around SG50 plus recommendations for activation
  • Facebook: SG50 insights and opportunities for marketers
  • Amobee: Examples of brands and verticals that are leading the pack and recommendations on how brands can use these insights to tailor their campaigns for major National events
  • LinkedIn: SG50 trends amongst Singapore’s professional audience
  • Yahoo: How brands can engage with their consumers through content marketing by leveraging on SG50

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