May 20, 2015

IAB Training Series #1 - The Recipe for Ad Tech Alphabet Soup; DSP, DMP, SSP, DCO, SEO, SEM…

Why Attend:

Our 2015 IAB Training Series kicks off with a session to help you get to grips with all the acronyms that make up digital in the Programmatic space.  Ad Tech Alphabet Soup will help you make sense of all the letters and help make sure you have the right cooks in the kitchen.  This is your chance to join the best in the industry in a small and personal environment and engage in our interactive sessions giving you bespoke guidance - and as an IAB Training Series you can guarantee this will be all quality, no sales pitches!

What You Will Learn:

We will kick off the session with an easy to understand ecosystem and what each of our favourite acronyms mean.  We will then have experts from each key Ad Tech component distill for you what these acronyms mean for you as a Brand, Publisher and Agency, functionalities and benefits. Germaine Ng Ferguson, GM Integrated Solutions & Analysis, Starhub to give us her insights and advice on using all these ingredients in transforming a traditional media business into the digital space. We will then break out into interactive working groups with experts from our Marketing and Ad Tech Committee who can help you with any questions and provide advice on how you too can evolve your business to be more effective. 

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November 06, 2016

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