September 01, 2016

IAB FYI SERIES #5: How does a Story Work?

The perfect merge of Art and Science to Engage your target Audience through compelling Data Storytelling


Why Attend

Everybody loves a good story. Knowing how to create a compelling narrative from the massive data available is critical for brands in this new age of marketing. If you are a marketer or executive, keen to unravel the secrets to great storytelling to win an audience, this is a session for you.  Data is powerful, make your brand stories memorable and persuade your audience to act on them.  Learn how to make your stories a ‘must watch’ and not a ‘block’.

To this end, IAB SG, collaborated with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), to bring you their best storytellers, to share insights on the art and science of editorial content and its relevance to data storytelling, and to share the use of facial coding technology to measure the effectiveness of content-led marketing. Until now, the way of measuring the value of content-led marketing was based on what people did or said but what if we could find out how they felt?

In addition, a group of local and regional experts familiar with the challenges in our region will share and discuss the meaning and use of data visualisation in the context  of South East Asia markeitng.

This is your chance to have direct exchange with  the best in the industry in a small and personal environment and engage in our interactive sessions giving you bespoke guidance - and as an IAB Training event, you can guarantee this will be all quality, no sales pitches!

Key Takeaways:

  • How compelling stories work using technology and real time analytics
  • How Facial Technology help measure effectiveness of Content
  • Understand the State of Data storytelling development in South East Asia

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Registration starts at 2.30pm
Welcome and Introduction

3:00pm – Miranda Dimopoulos, Chief Executive officer, IAB Singapore


What is a story? The Science behind Engaging Audience

3:10pm -  Great storytelling is an art that requires not only great insight, but also great technology and data. We will explore the art and science of editorial content: how one can use signals from analytics and social to commission content that resonates with an audience; and how to use real time analytics to optimize the performance of a story both on and off site

Presenter: Jonathan Fildes, Managing Editor of Features

Co-presenter: Alistair McEwan,  SVP, Commercial Development of BBC Worldwide


Panel Discussion: How does the confluence of Data Visualisation, StoryTelling and Creativity work for Brand Building in South East Asia?

4.00pm – Data and Creativity have gone beyond being strange bedfellows.  They are now seen as the ‘Power Executives’  tool every marketer needs to reach their targets in a timely, effective manner for sales conversions or consumer behaviour switches..  Hear how you can utilise them to meet the challenges and be successful when you market to South East Asian audiences.


Deepika Nikhilender, Managing Director, CtrlShift


  • Joseph Barratt, Managing Director, Mutant Communications
  • Greg Fournier, Director, Strategic Partnerships, APAC, Unruly
  • Joaquim Laurel, Creative Director, South East Asia & India, VML


Wrap Up & Summary

4.50pm - Miranda Dimopoulos, CEO, IAB Singapore



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