November 11, 2015

Exciting Trends in Asia’s Programmatic Video Market by TubeMogul

In the constant toss-up between mobile or desktop for optimal programmatic video advertising, the latter is reported as the top performing platform. At least, this is according to our friends over at TubeMogul, who have released a report on key video trends in Southeast Asia.


“Desktop video is still leading the way in terms of scale and demand, but mobile-only deals are also starting to emerge,” said Susan Salop, TubeMogul Asia Vice President.

“We expect this [mobile deals] to continue to grow in markets where programmatic buying of mobile is more advanced, especially with the steady increase in mobile app inventory.”

So, what does this mean for marketers?

More advertisers are adopting a cross-channel approach by combining desktop and mobile video campaigns. Advertisers are buying each in silos in all countries tracked in the report (Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines), but the expansion of cross-channel capabilities means more clients are now interested in buying video on all screens, especially in Malaysia and Singapore.  


Measures of success are also changing. To more accurately track brand awareness, completion rates and cost-per-completed video view are becoming the new standard for metrics.

“There is a developing understanding and appreciation of the power of video branding campaigns in Asia and a shift away from old display and performance measurements,” said Susan.

The report also outlines findings that the best performing programmatic desktop video ads are 30 seconds long, while a 15 second ad delivers the optimal branding outcome on mobile devices.

The strongest performance of all video assets is being reported in Singapore and the Phillipines, where clients are beginning to make a push towards premium inventory and data targeted buys.


“Across Asia, linear television still dominates media buying, but the high smartphone penetration in all markets across the region has pushed programmatic mobile into the spotlight,” added Susan.


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