January 30, 2016

Part 2 of IAB FYI Series #2: Travel

Getting to know tomorrow’s travellers, today


Part 6: Using travel data to optimise ad spend

Jonathan Hardy, VP Sales APAC from travel data solutions start up ADARA, told us why we should be using travel data to optimise our ad spend.


Data can give us some fantastic insight around booking and planning behaviour. It’s already helpful with media spend and optimisation, particularly with media attribution.

Traditionally, the travel business has always been limited with how marketers measured campaigns. For example, a tourism board lacks a consumer facing booking site. They invested in a lot of money bringing in travellers, but they didn’t have the data. Now they can.

With travel data, they can see who booked rooms, how long they stay, their preferences, and put some real value in the activity. This is far more valuable than the clicks and the CTR.


If marketing teams at tourism boards and travel clients want to see results, there is an opportunity to do it. As one of Adara’s clients, Matt Clement, Marketing Statistics Manager from Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau, says:

“I invest 15 per cent of my marketing budget into research and analytics to make the remaining 85 per cent perform even stronger.”

Part 7: Building travel delight

Travel is a fiercely competitive industry and brands need to fight for the loyalty of their customers.

We were honoured to have Twitter’s Maya Hari, Director of Product Strategy and Sales APAC, tell us why we should use her platform to delight consumers.

Delight brings loyalty, which brings retention.

That additional personal touch is the extra step that can change someone’s relationship with a brand, and social media is the way to push it.  

The biggest challenge for brands in the travel industry is staying relevant. Mindsets are bigger today, and all consumer brands live in the age of great change, meaning they must know what consumers want right now.

This is incredibly relevant to travel; there is this sudden impulse, and it’s about knowing the moment of when a consumer develops a desire.

How do we conceive this in the Twitterverse?

Twitter is a great chance for brands to listen and map out consumers desire and express it.

Every tweet is an expression of intent. If you take the rich conversation that happens on the platform, it presents an opportunity at every instant to respond immediately to that consumer in real time.

For example, before a conference, someone tweeted that the Marriot was full. The Hilton immediately tweeted the user back that there was still room at the Hilton. That immediacy created a feeling of delight.

The Hilton’s Twitter personality is on point, 50-60 per cent of the replies to the Hilton hotel are positive feedback. The operational costs of instantly responding to consumers are low and you’re meeting someone at a key moment of intent.

Social and cross-device marketing

Travel has that quality of being extremely immersive, and Twitter is a hugely visual medium and offers a chance to show your brand.

The other opportunity is to pair Twitter with a second screen. Consumers are often tweeting about what they see on TV. This is one of the big reasons for travel brands to exist on both a video and social platform.

Airlines and travel companies pair their video content to a social platforms, and then to TV platforms. Think about the fact that consumers are consuming different types of media – it can drive additional video views and allows brands to measure their offline presence.

Getting to the consumer at the right time seems to be the trend. So, think about your strategy: are you meeting the digital-first consumer at the key micro moments?

Thank you to all our presenters. We hope you learned something from this insightful IAB FYI session!

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