January 29, 2016

Part 3 of IAB FYI Series # 2: Travel

Getting to know tomorrow’s travellers, today


Part 3: Winning the traveller’s love in the smallest moments

Danny Kim from Google Travel shared that APAC is the frontrunner in mobile usage. There are currently around a billion smart phone users here, and the number is forecasted to reach nearly 1.5 billion by 2019, driven mostly by China and India.

The big shift is that we never really “go online”. We LIVE online. We used to live in a world where the opportunities for your companies to connect with your customers were scarce – there were a handful of television channels out there and a very focused window of time when most of the audience was engaged with your brands.

Now, we live in a world where those opportunities are abundant. We have hundreds of channels, billions of videos on YouTube, billions of sites, posts, tweets, and games.

In fact, we check our smartphones 150 times a day to do a variety of things, from emailing, texting and checking social media. Heaven forbid we actually use a phone to call someone!

The rise of mobile has been driving a major shift in consumer behaviour: we tune in more than ever. We live our lives in moments. Actually, make that micro-moments.


These are times when consumers need to learn, discover, watch, find, or buy something and reflexively turn to their closest device – usually a smartphone – to act on that need. These moments have always existed.

But for the past Century, consumers have turned them into promises or commitments to do something over the next few days, weeks, or months. But now that mobile is so prevalent - especially in APAC - your consumers can act on their micro-moments right away.

Examples of some micro-moments:

The key to the new digital-first consumer is capturing them at the right micro moment of intent.

Part 4: Is the Millennial Traveller the driving force its made out to be?

The biggest buzzword of our time is “Millenial”. Who are they, how do we track them and how are they changing the way we advertise?

Rick Mulia, Chief Advertising and Sales Officer from travel search engine WEGO, explained to us how Gen Y is shaking things up in the industry.

Signs you’re a Millennial traveller:

  • You go to TripAdvisor for hotel research – then you change hotels based on TripAdvisor rankings
  • You religiously use web check-in for your flights
  • You use TripIt or, even better, TripItPro
  • You’ve booked a hotel or flight from your mobile
  • You use data roaming when travelling
  • The first thing you do when you enter your room is charge your phone and tablet

The Millenial traveller segment is huge and diverse, and will have a massive impact:

  • By 2030, Millennial travellers will number 78 million and outnumber Baby Boomer travellers by 18 million
  • By 2020, spending by Millennials will reach $1.4 trillion (their prime earning years) up from $600 billion in 2013
  • In the US, Millennials are the most racially diverse with 43% identifying themselves as ‘non-white’

How is the Millenial traveller shaking up the travel industry?

New hotels are adapting to more “experience-based” behaviour. We can already see that with the rise of Airbnb – we are coming back to people wanting to more choice and local experiences.

When you go into a hotel room, the biggest thing you see is a bed, right? It’s the main centrepiece of the room. But what do Airbnb visitors like? Making meals, doing remote work, experiencing a city locally. The bed isn’t the centrepiece of the hotel room anymore.

Fun facts:

  • Family and friends are the most influential source of travel information for 67 per cent of travellers
  • According to a 2013 BCG Study, Millenials prefer to travel for leisure in organised groups, extended family or friends

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