September 12, 2016

IAB SG Deep Dive Series #1 : Tools of the Trade - Content Management Part 3

Creating good content is one thing, measuring it is another. This training session was designed to help our Members identify tools they can use to plan and create content for their social media programmes.

There are tons of cost-efficient and effective tools that brands can use to listen, engage and optimise campaigns to maximise the potential of a content. Picking one to use is the fun part.


Listening tools help advertisers locate their customers and find out who and what they’re talking about. This helps get a better understanding of audience’s habits and gives different sets of data to help you manage your content.

Let’s look at Brainwash, Sysomos, Digimind and Talkwalker. Essentially, all four tools function in the same way. These platforms allow you to use keywords to search for specific topics you want to deep dive into, crawl on public websites and provide insights on how many mentions are appearing within a specific timeframe. Furthermore,  these tools can provide their own analysis of what these mentions mean.

The analysis provides sentiment analysis and show the top influencers driving conversations for the brand. The end result also displays the top volume based on specific keywords the user has chosen. All the different tools offer  different data which means they won’t give the exact same results based on a same word, which is why it’s important to try each one of them to determine which one is more relevant to a specific project.


After studying different data from listening tools, it’s time to plan and create content. The tools should have helped you discover what’s trending and what type of content will entice the market. It’s essential to create a piece of content while it’s still hot, otherwise it’s a missed opportunity.

Platforms like NewsWhip and Unmetric are tools to understand what’s trending online. NewsWhip captures every article that’s created and published on the public web and it works almost in real time. Essentially, if an article has been published 15 minutes ago, it will already be on NewsWhip. Unmetric runs almost the same way as NewsWhip, but aside from being a social media monitoring tool, it’s also a discovery tool.

Another tool that can give direction to content creation is Demographics Pro. The software allows you to understand audience profiles of followers. It works by providing a handle and it provides data on followers and specifies their interests, age, location and other common information often posted online.

The next step is content creation. Most agencies don’t have the in-house capacity to create quality content in a snap. Creative copy can be outsourced to marketplaces like local startup, Bolt, where you can find a pool of writers that suite your needs. Just put a brief out and it goes to copywriters around the world. Likewise, 90-Seconds is an excellent video production platform that allows you to submit your briefs online. 

Tapping into creative outlets can greatly scale your campaign. You’re not limited to the number of people you have in your team. I think we do like to get by with a little help from our friends.


Now that content has been created, the next step is to engage and optimise. Many brands are still hosting content natively, but there are platforms other than Facebook!

There are several easy-to-use optimisation platforms that streamline internal processes such as Buffer, Hootsuite, Sprinklr and TweetDeck. These allow social media managers to publish and optimise campaigns at scale.

Want more info like this? Keep posted on for the next training or visit our resources page for more info like this.

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