October 24, 2016

IAB Training Series #10: A Guide to the Video Multiverse

Why you should care about video


Marketers in Southeast Asia are being told they need to invest in digital video. Why? Advertisers may have mixed feelings about how much sense video makes in their campaigns. We don’t blame them, reaching the digital audience is a totally new playing field compared to producing the 30-second TV commercials we’re used to. Today, we’re watching multiple videos at once, sitting with laptops in front of the TVs while scrolling through the any given newsfeed – marketers need a roadmap to navigate this much connectivity.

Joanna Flint, Managing Director of Google Singapore and IAB SG Board Council Member walks us through a brief introduction to this new customer journey and experience.

Why is Singapore such a big deal when it comes to online video? Well, we have 5.2 million people on the internet who watch four hours of video a week - not to mention we’re connected on 3.2 devices per person. This is the world’s most connected nation.

This connectivity means the Lion City presents a massive opportunity for digital video. To brands, this is a small yet powerful market – it’s the gateway to Southeast Asia, a US $200 billion dollar digital economy.

When people are watching TV, they are often multi-tasking or multi-viewing. In fact, 61% of video viewing in SEA is digital and it plays a role even when viewing is on TV. The whole idea of the multi-verse is that you want to create content that makes people lean in and really engage with the brands.

So, there is so much content out there, at what point do people lean in or lean back? How can we create solutions that are highly relevant to your consumers in their environments.

There is a big learning curve with creating content. Before sharing your brand message through a series of videos, think first, ‘what’s your story?’

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