December 16, 2016

IAB & MDA Training Series in Malaysia – Part 2: Mobile

The second half of the IAB & MDA Training Series in Malaysia, focused on mobile matters, and according to figures provided by Facebook, Malaysians spend an average of 187 minutes a day on their mobile. The average for Southeast Asia is 150 minutes.

In addition, 1 in 2 Malaysian internet users purchase goods or services via their mobile device – with the time it takes from discovery to purchase now much shorter.

Joshua Campanella, digital director, MEC Singapore offer six key points to remember when planning strategy:

  • Mobile marketing should be included in your overall marketing strategy
  • Do your research, build your approach
  • Consider your audience
  • Define your goals
  • Be mobile friendly
  • Track, analyse and optimise

For a campaign to be ‘mobile’ one must think beyond device and embrace the broarder notion of mobility. Chris Bell, Business Director APAC, Blippar & Co-Chair of IAB SG Mobile Committee offered the following reminders:

  • Have a creative focus
  • Be contextually relevant
  • Be scalable across devices
  • Have a clear utility
  • Extend experience beyond device

Location data is more than just geo-fencing, Regina Goh, MD Asia, Blis & Co-Chair of IAB SG Mobile Committee said today, it encompasses audience profiling, retargeting, cross-device, trigger marketing and footfall measurement.

  • Key questions to ask your location partner and things clients need to know:
  • Does your partner check for centroids? How do they filter?
  • How is your partner using IP addresses to define locations?
  • Does your partner use heat-mapping technologies to monitor human behaviour?
  • What is your filtering process and how an you deliver accurate and scaled campaigns?

Goh also outline the following best practises:

  • We are targeting people, not devices
  • Mobile habits and tech differs within Southeast Asia
  • Challenge you vendor on the source and accuracy of their location data
  • Accuracy is vital but take advantage of the available scale

When it came to KPIs and ROIs for mobile initiatives, Gavin Buxton, VP, Sales, APAC, S4M offered the following tips:

  • Don’t copy someone else’s KPIs
  • KPIs are directly related to campaign goals
  • Put the right measurement in place
  • Think quality not quantity
  • Don’t limit yourself to mobile KPIs (Can also include things like store visits, search uplift, customer support calls and cross-screen conversion)

And when it came to programmatic in mobile, Tai Morshed, Head of Enterprise Sales, SEA, TubeMogul offered the following notes:

  • Choose one KPI to measure success
  • Think creative for purpose not repurposed creative
  • Integrate with a mobile analytics platform to attribute conversion accurately
  • Choose the right data partners to target the right audience

Meanwhile, Pedro Cordero, Head of Performance, APAC, Mindshare outlined four myths of mobile attribution that have already been busted:

  • Advertisers can’t track in mobile because cookies don’t work
  • Consumers don’t convert on mobile devices
  • Web conversions must come from web exposure
  • Advertisers can use desktop ad servers for mobile attribution

But that doesn’t mean that the mobile space is easy terrain for measurement, Cordero noted that app-to-mobile web behaviour breaks traditional measurement approaches.

“Advertisers need measurement and identity solutions built for a mobile-first world to accurately attribute conversions,” he said. “Yesterday’s measurement won’t work for today’s devices.”

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