IAB Singapore releases Brand Safety Handbook

  • Guide for brands to understand and map out an appropriate Brand Safety strategy
  • Key to robust Brand Safety measures is to have layers in place to mitigate risk and minimise exposure

Singapore, 24 August 2017 – To address concerns around brand safety, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Singapore’s Measurement, Standards & Data Committee has released a Handbook aimed at offering a guide for brands to mitigate risks involved.

Brand safety refers to considerations, practices and tools to ensure that advertising does not appear in a context that is inappropriate for a brand.

However, what inappropriate might mean to a brand is highly subjective and dependent on the brand’s values, as well as the idiosyncrasies of the brand owner or manager’s personal and professional opinions.

“The question of what is inappropriate can at first seem fairly simple, but with such variations in cultures across Asia Pacific, this is rarely the case” said Damien Crittenden, Head of Strategy and Analytics, Xaxis Asia Pacific and Committee Co-Chair. “Eliminating the risk of a brand safety breach completely isn’t possible, but the level of risk can certainly be minimised. That is why clear parameters need to be established by brands, communicated clearly to partners and the right tools put in place.”

In addition, managing brand safety is a long-standing duty that has taken on considerable complexity thanks to a fragmented, user-driven digital media landscape.

The Handbook is intended to provide agnostic guidelines and best practises to implement, as the digital industry moves toward a more transparent and measurable media supply chain.

Miranda Dimopoulos, CEO & Ambassador to SEA, IAB Singapore noted that brand safety is an important topic that will need action from all players in the industry.

“Brand safety subjectivity differs not just from brand to brand but also from market to market. In Southeast Asia for example, it is concerns around piracy sites that dominate compared to violent or pornographic content,” she said. “The addition of this Handbook to industry literature will offer a common starting point for more nuanced discussion on what is a critical consideration for marketing in a complex media ecosystem.”

To get a copy of the Brand Safety Handbook, click here.

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